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How To Hydrojet Your Sewer Line

How To Hydrojet Your Sewer Line

Do you struggle with clogged drains or sewer pipes as a homeowner? If so, the Drain Works Plumbing and Septic team understands the frustration. Hydro Jetting your sewer line goes beyond traditional plumbing methods to clear your lines and drains and promote a healthy system for your home. We recommend calling your local plumbing experts to help you with the job. Here is a look at the importance of the process.

What Is the Hydrojet Process?

If you’ve never heard of hydrojet before, you’re not alone. Many people don’t realize how much dirt and debris can build up in sewer lines and then back up into drains. When homeowners experience a clog, they often use simple methods, like snaking, to remove them. 

The hydrojet process involves blasting water through your sewer lines and drains to remove clogs of dirt and debris. Hydro Jetting a sewer line promotes a clear system by restoring pipes to their original state.

What Is Hydro Jetting A Sewer Line?

If you’re a homeowner, you probably wonder, “What is hydro jetting a sewer line, and how does it work?” The interesting thing about the hydro jet cleaning is that plumbing professionals only use water to do the job. 

The process involves using sewer jetter machines that blast pressurized water, through a thick nozzle, into the pipes. This machine is also called a hydro jetter. It includes the hose, nozzles, tank of water, and a unique pressurized device.

The Hydro Jet Cleaning Process

Hydro jetting machines have two types of jets on the nozzle, forward facing and backward facing. As the forward jets blast a hole through the clog, the backward jets move the nozzle forward to keep debris moving along. Professionals usually start at the far end of the sewer line, away from your home, and work toward your home. This is because debris will move back the way it came during the process. 

We want to make sure the clog washes away from your home.

The hydro jetting process happens in multiple stages. Most professionals use a camera before they begin blasting water into the lines. The camera allows them to look at the clogs and what they contain. 

Here’s what it looks like to hydrojet your sewer line.

Locate the Water Source

The first step is to locate your nearest water source. Hydro jetting takes a lot of water pressure to remove stubborn clogs. Most professionals connect to a municipal water line, like a fire hydrant. A pressure washer can also work in some cases.

Use Multiple Nozzles

As we explored earlier, the nozzle is essential to the hydro jet machine. It’s helpful to alternate between standard and rotating nozzles to get the job done right. Plumbing experts may switch between different nozzles to ensure the clogs are free from your sewer line.

Remove the Blockage

Next, plumbing technicians will work on removing the blockage as they move the nozzle back and forth to allow the pressure to hit the drain. They will continue the process until the clog moves and water comes out on the other side.

Should You HydroJet Your Sewer Line?

Keeping your sewer line takes a lot of work, especially if your home is older. Many professional companies recommend scheduling annual hydrojet cleaning to ensure a healthy system. Hydrojet cleaning will completely remove the dirt and debris that causes lingering clogs. 

While snaking is easy, it only offers a temporary fix to the problem. Hydro Jetting will provide long-lasting water flow for your home and help avoid stubborn clogs that can lead to repair needs.  Hydro jetting offers many benefits for your home or business sewer lines.

Highly Effective

As we’ve already seen, hydro jetting to get rid of clogs is more effective than snaking or other traditional methods. Using many gallons of pressurized water can quickly clear drains and sewer lines, promoting cleaning water flow.


Most clog-removal methods involve harsh chemicals that can leach into the environment. Over time, these chemicals can contaminate the soil and water supply. It’s a safer method for your home and your neighbors, too.


While it may seem more expensive upfront, hydro jetting will save you more money. This is because you won’t spend hundreds on chemical cleaners that only provide a temporary solution. Also, if your local professionals use a camera before starting the process, they can detect any other issues and correct them before they get worse.

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