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Signs That You Have A Sewage Backup

Signs That You Have A Sewage Backup

Modern plumbing technology has allowed people to flush sewage away without needing to worry about many hygienic repercussions. However, sometimes things can go wrong, and you are left with a disgusting and costly sewer backup in your home. Here are some telltale signs that you are experiencing a sewer backup. If you’re familiar with them, you can take corrective action before it gets worse.

Consistently Slow Drainage

If only one drain in your home tends to drain slowly, it is likely that there is an obstruction exclusive to that drain. Conversely, if all the drains in your home drain slowly, there is probably an obstruction in the sewage pipes leading out of your home. Slowly draining pipes can cause many hygienic issues and make your showers and bathtubs become dangerously slippery.

Noxious Drain Odors

The next telltale sign of a sewage backup is very unpleasant to experience. During a backup, raw sewage is situated closer to the drains inside your home, leading to noxious fumes spreading throughout your living space. Once a sewage backup is fixed, the odors will go away because the accumulation of sewage and its stench will not build up inside your pipes anymore.

Toilets And Other Drains Producing Bubbles

The rising up of air bubbles from toilets and sinks is an easy sign of a sewage clog in your home. When your sewage pipes are backed up, the waste cannot drain efficiently, so air bubbles will build up in your toilets and drains. It is similar to when you pour water out of a bottle with a thin neck.

Cleanout Pipe Leakage

A sewage cleanout pipe is an outdoor access point for the underground sewage line. If the underground sewer is backed up, the sewage can rise up the cleanout pipe and leak out. This is a very dangerous hygienic issue, but it can easily point you to a clog that should be fixed in your sewage system.

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