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When you work with our team at Drainworks Plumbing & Septic, you can expect the highest quality service for your septic system and household plumbing system in the Chaplin, CT area. We have more than 20 years of experience providing exceptional plumbing and septic services to the residents of Chaplin, and we take our role in the community very seriously. Our slogan ‘Making Sure Your Drain…WORKS!’ means that we won’t rest until your septic system or plumbing issue is solved.

If you need dependable septic system services or plumbing services in the Chaplin, CT area, get in touch with us today to get the process started.

Common Signs It’s Time for Septic Tank Repair in Chaplin, CT

With so many different components that need to work effectively, it only takes one element to cause an issue with your septic tank that requires repair. Whether it’s structural damage to the tank itself, an issue with the level of sludge in the tank, or something with the plumbing leading to or from the tank, it’s important to take action and get professional attention as soon as you notice any signs of trouble. The longer you wait, the higher the likelihood of serious issues. Some of the signs you should watch for include:

  • Pooling water in your backyard

  • Bright green grass in certain areas of the yard

  • A strong odor of sewage on your property

  • Gurgling sounds in your pipes

  • Slow-moving drains inside the house

  • Family members that feel ill due to bacteria or mold in the house

Reputable Septic System Inspection in Chaplin

One of the best ways to prevent problems from happening with your septic system is to have regular inspections by experienced professionals like our team at Drainworks Plumbing & Septic. Whether you want an inspection because you’re buying or selling a house, your insurance company or bank requests it, you’ve noticed signs of malfunction, or as part of a regular maintenance program, we have the team and the equipment to take care of it for you. When you trust us to perform your septic system inspections, we will follow a proven process to make sure we cover every component of your system:

  • We will uncover the septic tank

  • We will pump out the contents of the tank

  • We will closely inspect the tank for cracks

  • We will sample the soil in your drainfield

  • We will replace any soil that we’ve damaged or removed

Signs You Need Professional Drain Cleaning in Chaplin, CT

A severely clogged drain can cause a lot of stress and anxiety, not to mention disrupting your entire household. When you call us for professional drain cleaning in Chaplin, we will keep working until the job is done. Be sure to get in touch with our team of expert drain cleaners when you notice signs such as:

  • Standing water in your tubs and showers that won’t go down

  • Toilet water that rises to the top when you flush before it goes down

  • Water that backs up into your drains when you run your faucets

  • Leaves, sticks, and similar debris backing up into your household drains

  • Gurgling sounds near your toilet or drains

  • The smell of sewage around the drains in your bathroom or kitchen

Plumbing & Septic Services You Can Trust in Chaplin, CT

Here’s a list of the comprehensive plumbing and septic services we offer in Chaplin, CT:

Working with Our Plumbers in Chaplin, CT

When you work with us for your septic system and plumbing needs, you can rest easy knowing you have access to the highest quality services in the Chaplin area. We will treat you just like a member of our family from the first call until we have completed the job and you are happy. Here’s what you can expect when you work with us:

  • Upfront and honest pricing structure that has no hidden fees

  • A strong 30-day clog-free guarantee for your peace of mind

  • Flexible financing options

  • Promotions and coupons to help you save money

  • Friendly and courteous plumbers that treat your home like it was their own

If you’re looking for the highest quality plumbing and septic system services in Chaplin, CT, or the surrounding areas, get in touch with us today and book an appointment.



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