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Reasons You Should Insulate Your Water Pipes

Reasons You Should Insulate Your Water Pipes

The winters in Connecticut can get bitterly cold, with winter temperatures rarely rising above 30 degrees. This is one of several reasons you should insulate your cold water pipes. But did you know you should also insulate your hot water pipes? Let’s discuss the reasons you should insulate your water pipes.

Insulating Cold Water Pipes

Insulating cold water pipes is a smart decision to prevent them from freezing in the cold winter months of Connecticut. Insulating your cold water pipes can increase the energy efficiency of your home. Cold water pipes will absorb heat from the surroundings. So, to keep every room in your home at a consistent temperature, you should consider insulating your cold water pipes.

Another reason to insulate your cold water pipes is to prevent condensation. Condensation on pipes can drip onto floors and between the walls leading to water stains and the potential for mold growth.

Insulating Hot Water Pipes

Many people don’t think about insulating their hot water pipes. However, by insulating your hot water pipes, you can increase the water temperature coming out of your tap by two to four degrees. This is possible because the insulation prevents heat loss as the water travels through the pipes. You can reduce the temperature at which your water heater is set and save money on your energy bills. An added benefit of insulating your hot water pipes is that you don’t have to wait as long for hot water because the heat is retained.

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