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How Long Should You Expect Your Septic Tank To Work?

How Long Should You Expect Your Septic Tank To Work?

If your home cannot be connected to a municipal sewer system, the only way to properly dispose of wastewater is to have a septic tank installed on your property. If it is maintained properly, septic tanks have quite long lives, but if they are neglected, they will not last as long.

What Is The Normal Lifespan Of A Septic Tank?

Put simply, if a septic tank is installed and maintained thoroughly and regularly, it should function for around 20 to 30 years. Your septic tank should reach that lifespan if it is emptied regularly and if unsafe products are not flushed into it.

How To Maintain A Septic Tank To Ensure That It Lasts

Without the following essential maintenance best practices, the lifespan of your septic tank can quickly shrink. Hiring a sewage truck to pump out your wastewater is a worthwhile investment that will prevent potential issues from arising in your septic tank. Additionally, to prolong the life of your septic tank, avoid flushing all items that are not immediately biodegradable, such as food scraps, wipes, and other kinds of trash. Flushing these things can damage your septic tank and make it more difficult to pump.

How To Know Whether A Replacement Is Necessary

The most obvious sign that your septic tank has reached the end of its lifespan is if it leaks sewage into the surrounding groundwater and soil. Sometimes, if there is leaking, you might notice sewage rising up from the damaged tank above the ground. Furthermore, if your drains work slowly and sewage is backing up into your bathtubs, it is likely that a replacement of your septic tank is urgently needed.

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