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Causes Of Low Water Pressure

Causes Of Low Water Pressure

If you notice that you have low water pressure, you will want to find out what is causing it immediately. Low water pressure will keep you from taking showers, using your appliances, and more. Several things can cause the water pressure to be low. Some of them are an easy fix, while other problems will require you to call out a professional plumber.

Checking The Main Valve

There will typically be two shut-off valves that control the water going into your home. If your water pressure is low and you have had some work done to your water, the main valve may not be turned all the way on. When the valve handle is parallel to the water pipe, it is fully open. If you see that this is not the case, you can turn it and see if your water pressure comes back up to normal.

Pressure Regulator Failure

In some cases, the culprit for low water pressure is that your pressure regulator is failing. Not all homes have these, but if you do and there is a sudden reduction in the amount of pressure you are getting, this may be the cause. It is best to call out a professional to fix this problem instead of tackling it yourself.

Old Pipes

If you have old pipes in your home and experience low water pressure, you may be dealing with pipes that have corroded so bad that they do not let the water come through or they have busted. The only solution for old pipes is to have them completely replumbed. While this might be expensive, it is well worth the money to have new piping installed. You will see your water pressure restored, and you will not have to worry about that issue in the future.

If you are experiencing issues with low water pressure, your best bet is to call out Drainworks Plumbing & Septic LLC in Columbia, CT, so they can take a look at your system to determine where the issue is. Often, they can do the repair quickly, and you will have normal water pressure. If you need your house replumbed, they can give you upfront pricing and give you an estimate on how long it will take to replumb your home. We also perform sewer and septic services, drain cleaning and repair, hydrojetting, and basement waterproofing.

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