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Are Chemical Drain Cleaners Effective On Clogs?

Are Chemical Drain Cleaners Effective On Clogs?

Chemical drain cleaners appear prominently on store shelves. When homeowners find their drains clogged, they might buy these products. Do chemical drain cleaners work effectively, though? Drain cleaners may work well with some clogs, but significant drawbacks exist with their use.

Chemical Drain Cleaners Are Often Not Enough

Chemical drain cleaners could work reasonably well against minor organic clogs inside a drain. Organic matter, such as hair clumps, soap scum, and the like, would likely dissolve once exposed to appropriate chemicals. However, the clog could be so severe that the cleaner doesn’t appear to work.

A typical response involves pouring more fluid. That approach may prove highly regrettable. For one, the clog might not be something organic. Perhaps the cap to a shampoo bottle fell down the drain. A chemical liquid would not be strong enough to dissolve plastic or, for that matter, various other materials.

Possibly Damaging The Plumbing

When you pour excessive amounts of chemical drain cleaner into the plumbing system, you run the risk of causing damage. The solution’s corrosive nature might eat away at the drain pipes. Once that happens, expect leaks to appear. Now, the homeowner must spend more on repairing the plumbing.

When dealing with a clog, it’s often best to contact a plumber to assess the situation. Perhaps using an auger could be the best way to eliminate the problem without causing any unnecessary caustic damage.

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The Dangers Of Chemical Fumes

Even when only using a small amount of chemical drain cleaner, the solution gives off fumes, which may come out of the drain and hang in the air. Anyone in the home may suffer an adverse reaction after inhaling the fumes. Things may turn out even worse when the clog doesn’t go away and a homeowner decides to double up the amount of cleaner already in the plumbing system. Continually pouring more and more chemical cleaners down the drain may create an even greater health risk since the excess chemicals deliver more fumes.

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