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5 Ways To Winterize Your Plumbing

5 Ways To Winterize Your Plumbing

Winterizing your plumbing system is a crucial part of preventing pipes from freezing and bursting. At Drainworks Plumbing & Septic LLC, we know this can be a tricky time of year for homeowners in Columbia, CT. That’s why we recommend the following winterization steps to keep your plumbing system protected during the coldest months.

1. Insulate Pipes In Your Home

A common mistake many homeowners make is leaving insulation off of their pipes, which can cause serious damage during harsh weather. Insulating your pipes will prevent heat from escaping your walls and protect them from freezing in the cold. If you need insulation, hydro jetting, drain repair, and more, reach out to Drainworks Plumbing & Septic LLC.

2. Mind The Temperature On Cold Days

When the weather outside turns cold, make sure you’re not leaving any hot water in your pipes. If hot water is running through your pipes, they’re likely to freeze. If the water temperature in your lines consistently stays below freezing, avoid using hot water until spring.

3. Seal Air Leaks

Sealing air leaks around your pipes is an important step in winterizing your plumbing system. Even a small air leak could have a major impact on the temperature inside of your walls or attic if it leads to the outside air.

4. Drain The Water Heater

If you have a water heater that’s not easily drained, you must drain it now. Allowing this to remain full will increase the risk of your heater freezing and bursting all winter.

5. Drain And Unplug Gas Fixtures

If you have gas lines in your house, you should unplug all gas fixtures now before turning them off for the winter. Gas lines can freeze and burst during the coldest months of the year.

Winterizing your plumbing system before the cold weather arrives will help you avoid issues with your pipes over the winter. If you’re worried that the cold weather could be damaging your pipes, contact Drainworks Plumbing & Septic LLC in Columbia today. We can also assist with drain repair, basement waterproofing, and more.

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