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5 Benefits Of Grinder Pumps

5 Benefits Of Grinder Pumps

We have all seen images of the flushable wipe monstrosities causing sewage backups in New York City. No amount of warnings has been able to eliminate the use of so-called flushable products, so the sewage industry has searched for alternative answers to this problem. The grinder pump is one such solution that also comes with some added benefits.

1. Turning Flushable Into A Fact

When determining what is or is not flushable, manufacturers relied on modern sewer engineering without considering that most sewage systems are anything but modern. The grinder pump solves this problem by using steel blades to grind flushable products into small particles that will pass through all sewage systems without causing a backup.

2. Smaller Footprint

Grinder pumps do such a good job of rendering solid waste into a slurry that they allow the use of smaller pipes. Smaller pipes mean less space required to connect to the sewer mains.

3. Respecting The Environment

Gravity sewer systems can have a heavy impact on the terrain through which they travel so they can function properly. Grinder pumps allow pathways that respect the terrain due to their pumping power and the consistency of the material they are moving.

4. Flexibility

Situations that might otherwise demand the use of a septic system can be overcome by a grinder pump. A single grinder pump will allow a household to hook up to a sewer main up to a mile away without a problem.

5. Trouble Alerts

Grinder pumps come with an alarm panel installed within the building it is servicing. This alarm goes off before a problem reaches your home, letting you know to stop using your plumbing and call for service before it turns into a disaster.

Call Drainworks Plumbing & Septic LLC today to schedule an appointment, and find out if upgrading to a grinder pump is right for you. We offer E1 Grinder retrofit grinder pumps. We also offer a full range of plumbing services including septic and drain cleaning solutions and can even finance the work for qualified customers.

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