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3 Ways To Prevent Limescale In Your Home

3 Ways To Prevent Limescale In Your Home

Does your home have limescale? Limescale is a hard, chalky deposit that is made from calcium and carbonate ions. This stubborn substance is a problem found around common water spots in homes, such as sinks, taps, bathroom tiles, toilet bowls, and washing machines.

Limescale isn’t just unappealing to the eye, it is hard to remove. Even more, limescale can destroy appliances, lead to faulty plumbing systems, and irritate the skin. The good news is that there are certain steps you can take to prevent limescale from occurring in your home. Read on to learn more.

1. Regularly Clean Your Appliances

One of the easiest things you can do to prevent limescale is to regularly clean your appliances. For this reason, it’s important to wipe all wet fittings after every use. In particular, you should focus on wiping down areas where water is most likely to sit. This includes showers, sinks, and baths.

2. Water Softener

Another effective option to prevent limescale is to invest in a water softener. Water softeners use ion exchange to remove calcium and minerals from the water supply, turning hard water into soft water. This means that you will have fewer impurities in your water supply, which can minimize the buildup of limescale.

3. DIY Limescale Remover

If you’re looking for a DIY method, homeowners can choose to make a DIY limescale remover using one part water and one part white vinegar. You can put your DIY mix into a spray bottle and spray the mixture on fixtures that present limescale. Or, you can soak a clean towel in the mixture and wrap it around any fixtures that have limescale on them.

It’s a good idea to let the solution sit for at least 10 minutes before wiping it away. If the limescale is particularly stubborn, you may want to consider leaving the mixture on overnight for the best results.

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