How A Septic Tank Is Built

Month: August 2022

How A Septic Tank Is Built

Septic tanks are important for certain homes in our area. Instead of being hooked up to a sewage network, these homes must have a septic tank to allow for the safe disposal of their wastewater. Septic tanks are placed underground, about 50 feet away from a house, and they allow sewage to break down with …

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How a Septic Tank is Built

Ways To Conserve Water At Home

In America, we’re used to having running water readily available and in seemingly endless supply, but the long-running drought in California and water restrictions in western states should tell us otherwise. There is a finite supply of water and though water is a renewable resource the amount of clean drinking water is declining. We can …

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Conserve water

How To Fix A Drain

A drain can quickly clog up due to a variety of reasons. Understanding how to quickly fix a drain is important in saving yourself a lot of time and frustration. Following a few simple tips can unclog your drain without the need for calling a local plumber. Here are three tips to remember if you …

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How to fix a drain

Is Basement Waterproofing With It?

Basements are notorious for getting damp. While homebuilders take some measures to waterproof basements, problems often later develop that result in water getting in. It’s worthwhile to waterproof your basement because it prevents damage and improves the indoor air quality of your home. Causes Of Basement Moisture There are a few main causes of water …

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Basement waterproofing
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